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Architectural in scale, Studio JOMO concepts are developed through a precise synthesis of natural, digital, industrial and sculptural design solutions. Designer Jo Moulton works with clients to interpret the functional and dramatic elements of the exterior space and its integration with the landscape and architecture. From a portfolio of distinct ‘bespoke’ garden elements JOMO studio has evolved into an exterior design practice. Jo has formed a team of experienced artisans, landscape specialists and collaborators to deliver a flexible and optional range of exterior/interior design services.

Studio JOMO Exterior Design services include:

Initial Consultations/ to establish the project brief, scope and budget parameters

Exterior Design Audit/ for itemising existing site issues, measurements, photography and data collection

Concept Development/ we prepare visualisation in the form of scaled CADs and drawings or mood boards

Final Planning/ we present detailed specifications, schematic plans to enable contractors to produce quotations for final costing and approval

Project Management/ JOMO recommends contractors and manages quality assurance, timeframes and budget, if required

Production Management/ for specific ‘bespoke’ elements or artwork allowing for 3 to 6 weeks turnaround

Furnishing and Styling / JOMO is well-positioned to design unique furnishings and/or source durable and complementary furniture and accessories.


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Jo Moulton


Jo has Fine Arts and Education degrees (University of Melbourne) and substantial experience in business management, marketing and strategic design. Jo draws her inspiration from Medieval metalwork and the 1930s European Modernists, her own garden and the surrounding Gippsland Lakes, mountains and forests. Her about turn from consultant ‘advisor’ to ‘apprentice’ in metalwork design was prompted by a desire to ‘rethink the birdbath’. She is currently writing a series of essays that profile contemporary sculptors for the architectural, interior and landscape design market.

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