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The Courtyard

The inner city courtyard is a close up, ‘in your face’ space that lends itself to exaggeration and humour. JOMO has designed a flexible and sculptural screen system and bold sculptural elements for cosy courtyards with limited space and high brick walls. The JOMO stainless steel wall screen offers a solution that draws the eye away from neighbouring eyesores, such as air-conditioning units, solar panels or Foxtel dishes. Customised ‘cut-outs’ can reflect brand in small cafĂ© courtyards like the reflective, pastel coloured bunnies designed for a French Patisserie courtyard. JOMO steel screens and mobile sculptures are cost effective and a transformative design solution for a restricted, shaded space unfriendly to plants and shrubs.

A sculptural JOMO screen can focus the eye, capture and reflect light and create sculptural impact while requiring the minimum of space. Screens can be made to order and adapted to hang on a range of surfaces. Bespoke mobile sculptural forms are designed by studio JOMO with clients to create a striking decorative element that complements interior themes.




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